Hey there, it’s really nice to see you guys. Well this is my first blog and I hope that there will be another blog soon.

So, aku cuma mau ngasih sedikit introduce tentang feed yang akan aku share on my blog. But before that, I want to introduce myself first.

My name is Shellin and this year i’m turning 22. I love to try things and that’s why right here, on my blog, I will do some product review.

Selain product review, aku juga akan share my life experience (which is random). Also .. the last but not the least, as you can see a circle below, you can just click it. You can ask me about anything but remember to be polite, because i’m not gonna reply if you’re not.

Dan alasan kenapa I open this sharing time adalah karena .. Years ago ketika aku masih kecil, maybe waktu masih SMP, aku pernah lihat di sosial media ada 1 page yang mereka buka untuk sharing satu dengan yang lainnya but now i can’t find something like that again so i’m trying to make one. Because i’m an introvert, aku ga ada tempat untuk cerita dan berbagi pengalaman. Right there kita bisa share tentang apa saja tanpa perlu takut orang tau kita itu siapa. And if you are one of them, so this is your place, just click the circle below and let’s share.

Thankyou for visiting my blog.

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